7 Easy and Logical Steps to Get Ready for Finals: A checklist to help your child prepare for final exams how to beat finals, a checklist

The year is almost over, and final exams are the last hurdle between your child’s classes and their summer break. Here are seven easy and logical steps on how we helped hundreds of students get ready for finals and prepare for these important tests that can make the difference in finishing the year on a high note – or not.

1) Know the Testing Schedule

  • Identify the date and time for each test.
  • Check the location of each test.
  • Determine the duration of each exam.
  • Confirm any special requirements for each test (e.g., calculators, textbooks).

2) Develop a Plan

  • Outline specific study sessions for each subject.
  • Write down how you will study each subject
  • Prioritize time and projects based on difficulty and test schedule.
  • Manage time efficiently from now until each test.
  • Understand the format of each test (multiple-choice, essay, paper, project).

3) Identify Weaknesses

  • Reflect on subjects where performance was weak during the year.
  • Arrange for tutoring or extra help in difficult subjects. (call us if your child could benefit!)
  • Review feedback on past assignments and tests to target weak areas.
  • Plan review sessions specifically focused on these weak points.

4) Set Up for Success

  • Gather detailed information on the content covered in the finals.
  • Prepare personalized study guides for each subject.
  • Create a conducive study environment, free from distractions.
  • Ensure all necessary study materials and resources are readily available.

5) When to Get Outside Help

  • Evaluate your understanding of each subject; seek help if concepts are still unclear after the initial review.
  • If progress on a subject plateaus, consider consulting a tutor or teacher.
  • Reach out for help early to ensure there’s enough time for improvement before the finals.
  • When needed, use school resources like study groups, help desks, or academic advisors.

6) Managing Perfectionism

  • Set realistic goals for study sessions and test outcomes to avoid burnout and undue stress.
  • Recognize that perfection is not always achievable; focus on understanding and mastery rather than flawless performance.
  • Take scheduled breaks to maintain mental and emotional well-being.
  • Celebrate small victories and progress in your studies to maintain motivation and a positive outlook.

7) Strategies for Students with ADHD

  • Use an executive function coach (like us!) to help plan the countdown calendar, and break study sessions into short, manageable segments
  • Use tools like timers, checklists, and organized study spaces to minimize distractions and keep on track.
  • Incorporate varied study methods, such as flashcards, interactive apps, and physical activities, to cater to dynamic learning preferences.
  • Seek accommodations, such as extra time or separate testing locations, well in advance of test dates to ensure necessary support is in place.

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7 Easy and Logical Steps to Get Ready for Finals