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Since 2010, we have provided customized one-on-one tutoring and executive function coaching in Fairfield County, CT, Westchester, NY, and online everywhere, designed to equip students with essential learning and study skills, and executive functions needed for success in school. We focus on teaching systems and reinforce habits that can be applied across all academic subjects, through high school, and into college and career.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, we can help:

  • Do you ever wonder why your smart student struggles to achieve better grades despite their hard work? 
  • Do you worry about their organization, planning, and time management skills?
  • Is your student easily distracted?
  • Does your student become overwhelmed and anxious as it relates to their school work?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s lack of executive functioning?
  • Does your child know how to study?
  • Is your child losing motivation and self-esteem?
  • Does your child listen and take your suggestions as to how to get their homework done?

At Successful Study Skills 4 Students (S4 Study Skills), we understand that every student is unique.

Our mission is to help your student achieve better grades with less stress to improve their learning efficiency and effectiveness.

Customized One-on-One Tutoring for Every Type of Learner 

Our master’s degree teachers have been specifically chosen for their ability to foster a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our tutors will create a space where your child can freely ask questions, clarify doubts, and express thoughts without fear of judgment. These experienced tutors are dedicated to helping your child become an independent and self-reliant learner, fostering life-long habits that promote responsibility and independence in their academic journey. With our support, you will witness your student’s growth and progress.

For Students with ADD/ADHD/Executive Function Deficits 

Students with ADD/ADHD or executive function deficits often struggle with academic tasks. They may have difficulty completing assignments – submitting them, studying for tests, and completing projects on time.

In addition, students with ADD/ADHD often lose motivation and experience a loss of self-esteem. This can impact their grades and general attitude toward school.

This can be stressful for both student and parent.

Our teachers have expertise working with students with ADD/ADHD and executive function deficits. We will provide your child with 1-on-1 personalized, strategic, and supportive tutoring to help them reach their full potential.

Focusing on executive function skills, we teach students how to create a goal-driven schedule, manage their time, prioritize tasks, and self-advocate. We also help them with problem-solving and decision-making skills, as well as deep reading strategies, how to study and prepare for tests, and problem-solving tools.

We use a variety of teaching methods to help students with ADD/ADHD learn effectively. We break down tasks into smaller steps, provide visual aids, and use highly interactive activities. We also teach students strategies for staying focused and organized.

Our tutors create a patient and supportive learning environment where your child will feel supported and encouraged. Using positive reinforcement, we will help your child stay on track while teaching them to become an independent learner.

My high school junior has made huge progress with executive function skills working one-on-one with her tutor. We thought we might sign up for a month or two to learn a good study system, but my daughter requested to continue, saying these sessions are the biggest factor in her success with her course load this year. She is learning to manage her time and she is learning quite a bit about managing her triggers for procrastination. We know the support she is receiving now will help her going forward through high school and college. We are so glad to have signed up for one-on-one executive function tutoring!”

Susan B., New Canaan, CT

Prioritize, Plan, Prepare, and Organize Effectively

Study skills and executive functions are the required building blocks for learning. These essential tools allow students to become engaged in school and build self-confidence.

For students who are not working to their potential, one-on-one study skills tutoring and executive function coaching help them get organized, study smarter, and take control of how their work gets done so they can achieve success in school and beyond.

Through our unparalleled individualized instruction, our tutoring services will teach your student how to:

  • Prioritize, plan, prepare, and organize their workload
  • Time management and how to use a planner
  • Organize and prioritize assignments and materials
  • Study and prep for tests and test-taking strategies
  • Initiate and complete projects on time and without cramming
  • Strategies for reducing stress and anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • Create and maintain a healthy mindset
  • Focused reading and note-taking

Moreover, we integrate executive functioning strategies into our one-on-one tutoring sessions, empowering your student to:

  • Set meaningful and achievable goals and work towards achieving them
  • Initiate tasks and complete assignments independently and on time
  • Maintain and sustain focus and attention
  • Develop self-advocacy skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Adapt to changing priorities and make adjustments accordingly
  • Practice self-evaluation to identify areas for improvement

By putting these critical skills into practice, tailored to your student’s needs, we will provide a roadmap to your student’s success. Not only will your student complete assignments efficiently, but they’ll also develop lifelong study habits that will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond.

How Our One-on-One Tutoring Program Works


Structured Tutoring Sessions

We understand the need for convenience when scheduling tutoring sessions. Our tutoring services are available to accommodate your schedule, including weekends and daytime sessions.

Tutoring is offered in six-hour packages, with each weekly session typically lasting one hour. This structure ensures that your student receives consistent and focused support to make progress in their skills and content knowledge.


We also provide 15-minute morning and/or afternoon check-ins between sessions. These check-ins help create accountability, maintain focus, clarify tasks and deadlines, and assist your student in effectively managing their writing assignments.

Don’t wait to give your child the expert support they need to succeed.

Contact us today via email or at 203-307-5455 to get started on unlocking their academic potential.