Frequently-Asked-Questions-faqsRead the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) parents want to learn about our private study skills, executive functions, and subject tutoring, regardless of their child’s learning style.

My child is very bright but has never learned how to study. How can your one-on-one tutoring services help?

Study skills are essential for students’ learning outcomes and academic performance. Knowing how to study—utilizing time management, organization, planning, prioritization, note-taking, reading comprehension, test preparation, and self-advocacy—can mean the difference between a student who is merely getting by and one who is engaged, motivated, and confident.

Our teachers are experts in instructing students on how to study. We employ a range of skills, tools, and strategies customized to each student’s learning style, using your child’s actual assignments. This integrated approach makes the study skills immediately applicable and relevant.

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My child was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. How can you help?

ADHD/ADD is a common condition that affects many students and can interfere with their learning and performance. Our methods are designed to benefit all learners, including those with ADD/ADHD. (Read our founder’s story.)

Utilizing science-based, logical, and easy-to-apply study skills, tools, and strategies, we can help your child improve not only their study habits but also their work completion.

What can you do to help my very disorganized child?

Organization is crucial for managing workload and achieving academic goals. Our one-on-one tutoring services provide effective organizational techniques, including time management, planning, prioritization, task organization, and executive functions.

Our approach is customized to your child’s unique organizational challenges and learning style, offering practical solutions applicable both inside and outside the classroom.

How can my child overcome procrastination?

Time management and planning are core foundational skills we teach. We tackle procrastination by integrating these skills, along with executive functions and goal-setting techniques, directly into your child’s current academic assignments. For example, we might break down a complex science project into smaller, more manageable tasks, teaching your child how to prioritize and take action step-by-step.

How do you reignite the academic motivation and engagement of a disengaged student?

Achieving smaller milestones in actual schoolwork often boosts overall academic motivation. Our approach focuses on creating small wins by tying motivational strategies directly to the subjects your child is studying. Each session is tailored to resonate with your child’s unique interests and learning style, making the educational experience far more engaging and relevant.

My child studies hard but often does poorly on tests. What can you do to help?

Poor test performance can arise from a variety of factors, including ineffective study techniques, test anxiety, or a lack of subject mastery. Once we understand your child’s approach to studying and test preparation, we craft customized solutions and study plans tailored to their learning style.

My child is anxious and overwhelmed, affecting their self-esteem and confidence. How can your tutoring services help?

Often, the root of academic anxiety and low self-esteem lies in not knowing how to study effectively. Teaching a student the foundational skills of studying and executive function can alleviate this situation.

My child is a perfectionist, and I worry that this could be detrimental to their academic performance and well-being. How can your tutoring services help?

Perfectionism can be both a strength and a weakness. While it drives a desire for excellence, it can also lead to anxiety, procrastination, and stress. We first assess how perfectionism is affecting your child, both positively and negatively, and then create a tailored academic plan. This plan teaches them how to set realistic goals, prioritize tasks effectively, and study efficiently.

My student signed up for 3 AP classes this year and lacks executive functions. How can your tutoring service help in this challenging academic environment?

Taking multiple Advanced Placement (AP) classes is commendable but challenging, especially for students who struggle with executive functions. We integrate these skills directly into the subject matter your child is studying, making the learning process more engaging and relevant.

How can your tutoring services help my high-performing child balance academics with social life and extracurricular activities?

A balanced life is key to long-term success. Our tutoring services go beyond academic support to include time management and prioritization skills. We aim to help students allocate time for social activities and relaxation, in addition to their studies. Learning how to study effectively and efficiently is the cornerstone for achieving both academic excellence and personal well-being.

My child needs help in multiple subjects.

Whether your child is in middle school, high school, or aiming to improve in subjects ranging from writing to foreign languages, our expert academic tutoring can help. Our teachers have extensive subject knowledge and teaching experience. Their goal is to support your student in gaining a deeper understanding of the subject(s), improving grades, enhancing skills, and boosting test scores, all while reducing stress levels.

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