Boost Your Middle School, High School, and College Students’ Success with our Evidence-Based Study Skills & Executive Function Workshops

If your middle school, high school, and/or college students don’t know how to study, we can help. Our evidence-based Essential Study Skills & Executive Function Workshops for Schools will teach your students how to study, manage time, use executive functioning, organize, prioritize, note-taking. These and many other skills, tools, and strategies are crucial for academic achievement and beyond.

Founded in 2010, we take students from being disorganized, stressed, and overwhelmed to confident, capable, and independent learners.

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What Schools and Students are Saying:

When Students Succeed, Schools Succeed

Every day, school administrators and teachers are being challenged and asked to go above and beyond. With an emphasis on more rigorous content instruction and new assessment standards, teachers are under pressure. They need to adapt their curriculum to suit the needs of all their students.

Our evidence-based study skills workshops support not only students but their teachers, administrators, and parents as well. We know that when students practice good study habits, teachers can focus on their curriculum content. As a result, learning becomes more engaging and outcomes more successful.

When students know how to study, teachers can:

  • Focus on teaching content to meet grade-level expectations
  • Stay on pace and move through content instruction
  • Develop and refine their curriculum to adapt to standards and requirements
  • Stay focused on content instructional time and not be distracted by teaching foundational study skills

The S4 Study Skills Study Skills course for middle school, high school, and college, allows students to build knowledge, establish discipline, become independent learners, and think critically. These are skills that will elevate classrooms and result in better outcomes.


How Schools Benefit from the S4 Program

Proven Results and Research-Based Approach

One of our strengths is our ability to teach students how to study in a highly engaging and interactive manner. Students can easily start using the skills, tools, and strategies learned and apply them to their actual academic work.

When a school hosts the Essential Study Skills & Executive Function Workshop, it provides science-based skills and strategies where every student has the tools and confidence to succeed academically.

What The Science Says About Study Skills and Outcomes

In 2018 a large school study published in Educational Researcher analyzed data from over 1 million high school students. It found that students who reported using specific study strategies, such as summarizing main ideas and practicing with past exams, had higher standardized test scores. These are the same skills that we teach in our study skills workshop for high school students, as well as those in our middle school and Crash Course in College Study Skills program.

Here are the key results schools can expect:
study skills and executive function workshops for students in high school

Improved Academic Results: Students equipped with effective study skills show marked improvements in grades and test scores. As they learn to manage their time, organize their work, and apply strategic studying techniques, their ability to grasp and retain information is enhanced, leading to better academic performance.

Increased Engagement in Learning: With stronger study skills, students participate more actively in class. They come prepared, engage in discussions, and demonstrate a higher level of curiosity and involvement in their learning process.

Focus on Advanced Teaching: Teachers can dedicate more time to developing innovative teaching methods and delving deeper into curriculum content, knowing that their students are well-equipped with foundational study skills.

Enhanced Curriculum Delivery: With students managing their learning more effectively, teachers can progress through the curriculum at a steadier pace, ensuring that all critical content is covered thoroughly and efficiently.

Reduction in Stress and Anxiety: Both students and teachers experience lower levels of stress and anxiety. Students feel more in control of their learning, and teachers don’t have to constantly manage study-related challenges.

Fostering a Culture of Academic Excellence: The workshop instills a culture of learning and excellence within the school. This positive atmosphere encourages all students to strive for their best and supports a community of motivated learners.

Appropriate for ADD/ADHD Students: The workshop provides an inclusive environment that is also beneficial for students with ADD/ADHD. As the workshop is highly interactive, these students experience a significant reduction in distractions and an increase in their ability to concentrate, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn and excel.

Development of Lifelong Skills: The skills taught in the workshop are not just for academic success; they are life skills. Students learn how to organize their tasks, prioritize responsibilities, and think critically, skills that are valuable beyond the classroom and into their future careers.

Creating Independent Learners: The workshop encourages students to become self-directed learners. This independence in learning fosters confidence and a sense of responsibility, preparing them for higher education and future career challenges.

We understand that each educational institution has its distinct culture and requirements. That’s why our program is designed to align seamlessly with your school’s specific needs, ensuring the most effective and impactful implementation.

Adaptive Program Length and Structure

Variable Session Duration: The length of the S4 program and each session can be tailored to what works best for your school. Whether it’s a comprehensive semester-long course, a series of intensive workshops, or periodic sessions spread throughout the academic year, our program can adapt to fit within your existing schedules and educational frameworks.

Flexible Session Timing: Recognizing the diverse scheduling needs of schools, the S4 program offers flexibility in timing. Sessions can be arranged after school, during school hours: weekend sessions, and summer programs.

In choosing to work with us, your school isn’t just adopting a workshop; it’s engaging in a dynamic partnership. Together, we will work closely to assess your needs, plan the implementation, and adjust the program as necessary to ensure it delivers the maximum benefit to your students and educators.

Encouraging Parent Engagement through No-Cost Seminars and Webinars

Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in their children’s education, S4 Study Skills extends its support beyond the classroom with dedicated parent-focused seminars and webinars. These sessions are crafted to equip parents with effective strategies and practical tools to reinforce and complement the study skills their children learn in our workshops.

Interactive and Practical Sessions: Our seminars, available in both daytime and evening schedules, are designed as interactive sessions. Fitting into a principal’s coffee morning or a parent-teacher association meeting, these seminars offer immediate, actionable advice for parents to help support their child’s study practices at home.

High Engagement and Valuable Resources: Schools, parent associations, and community organizations that have hosted these sessions report high attendance and positive feedback. We supply all necessary workshop and communication materials to ensure seamless organization and encourage maximum parent participation. Moreover, these valuable sessions are offered at no cost to parents, ensuring inclusive access for all.

Click here for more information on our Parent Seminar/Webinar topics.

Tailored Workshops for Educators: In addition to the student-focused workshops and parent education, Successful Study Skills 4 Students provides a comprehensive suite of professional development programs and workshops for educators. These seminars are specifically designed to align with and complement our core student workshop offerings.

Customized to Your School’s Needs: Understanding that each educational environment is unique, our professional development sessions can be customized to address the specific needs, challenges, and curriculum of each school. This approach ensures that the professional development provided is not only relevant but also directly beneficial in enhancing the educational experience at your school.

Based on Scientific Principles: All our professional development programs are grounded in the same scientific principles that underpin our student-centered workshops. This ensures a cohesive and comprehensive approach to learning and teaching within your educational community.

Take the First Step Towards Academic Transformation in Your School

Reach out to us for a custom proposal that aligns with your school’s specific goals, scheduling needs, and educational priorities. Our team is ready to collaborate with you to craft a program that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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