Host an Evidence-Based Study Skills Workshop in Your School

If your students don’t know how to study we can help. Offering evidence-based study skills workshops with a number of hosting options, we will teach your students how to study, manage time, use executive functioning, organize, and many other skills, tools, and strategies to engage them in school

We offer a turn-key, zero-budget solution to schools, scheduled at the school’s convenience. S4 handles all the administrative details including registration. All we need is a single classroom and parents like you!

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When Students Succeed, Schools Succeed

School administrators and teachers are being challenged every day. More demands, and higher expectations, summons educators to go above and beyond. Our evidence-based study skills workshops support not only students but their teachers (and parents) as well.

Students enter school doors and attend classes equipped with various academic foundations and study skill practices. And yet, schools are required to instruct an increasingly rigorous curriculum, with increasingly elevated student outcomes.

Evidence-Based Study Skills Workshops in SchoolWe know that when students practice good study habits, teachers are able to focus on their curriculum content to make learning more engaging and outcomes more successful.

The S4 Study Skills program allows students to build knowledge, establish discipline, become independent learners, and think critically – skills that will elevate classrooms and result in better outcomes.

How Schools Benefit from the S4 Program

With an emphasis on more rigorous content instruction and new assessment standards, teachers are under pressure to adapt their curriculum to suit the needs of all their students.

When students know how to study, teachers are able to:

  • Focus on teaching content to meet grade-level expectations
  • Stay on pace and move through content instruction
  • Develop and refine their curriculum to adapt to standards and requirements
  • Stay focused on content instructional time and not be distracted by teaching foundational study skills

Student Outcomes and Results

S4’s strength lies in its ability to teach Study Skills in a highly engaging and interactive manner. Students will easily experience the benefits and will be motivated to adopt, use and apply what they learned to their academics.

Teachers in schools where the S4 program has been offered report a noticeable difference in students as follows:

  • Deeper academic engagement
  • Increased focus, motivation, and confidence
  • Better prepared for class, tests, projects
  • Increased ability to synthesize information
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved comprehension and retention
  • Increased self-management and pacing
  • More independent learning
  • Increased academic performance

Customized to Meet Your School’s Needs

The S4 program is easily customizable to suit a school’s needs: after-school, embedded during the school day, on weekends, and over the summer.

Evidence-Based Study Skills Workshops in SchoolParent-Paid Study Skills Workshops for Students

In the parent-paid offering, S4 offers its program at a time of the school’s choosing, such as after school. In this scenario, S4  will prepare and supply all the materials needed to communicate with families.

S4 is a completely turn-key program. S4 handles all of the administration and implementation of the program, keeping the school informed as to the registered students and copied on all parent communications.

School Sponsored Evidence-Based Study Skills Workshops

Probably, one of the most compelling reasons for S4’s success is the manner in which we partner with schools.

Embedded programs weave a school’s materials, such as textbooks and planners, into the S4 program so students see clear relevance to using and applying the taught study skills to their academic work.

Regardless of the program, S4 offers a solution that benefits your students, teachers, school, parents, and your community.

Other Services

No-Cost Parent Seminars/Webinars

To support parents and complement the student-centric workshops, S4 offers a parent-focused program. Designed to provide concrete ideas that can be implemented right away, parents will walk away with practical tools to best support their student’s study practice at home.

  • Offered during the day or evening, this highly interactive sixty-minute session is typically a part of a principal’s coffee or parent-teacher association meeting.
  • Schools, parent associations, and community organizations that have hosted this program have seen a high attendance rate.
  • S4 provides all workshop and communications materials that may be used to invite parents to this seminar.
  • There is no cost to parents to attend this workshop.

Professional Development

S4 offers a suite of professional development (PD), programs, and workshops designed to dovetail with S4’s core offerings. Seminars may be customized to address the unique needs of each school and curriculum. All PD programs are based on the same scientific fundamentals as the S4 student-centered workshops.

For more information, contact Michelle by email, or by calling 203-307-5455 to explore your options.