The Reading and Writing Workshop for Middle School & High School StudentsThe Essential Ready and Writing Workshop for Middle School & High School Students

In our Middle and High School Reading and Writing Workshop, students engage in literacy instruction to improve and strengthen their current skill set as both a reader and writer, including the composition of a well-developed five-paragraph analytical essay.

The reading portion of the workshop focuses on the development of skills and techniques of how to approach a text, as well as how to engage and comprehend what is being read.

Schedule this workshop for your middle or high school student on a day and time convenient to you, and 4 of their friends.

We make it easy! All you need to do is give us three days and times and we will do the rest! Three 1.5-hour sessions for a total of 4.5 hours.

In the reading section, your student will learn:

  • Valuable techniques to enhance their comprehension of literature
  • How to identify and discuss a variety of literary elements including tone, setting, theme, and more
  • Integral strategies to explore, examine, and further analyze texts in-depth
  • How to apply their new understanding to grade specific literature carefully selected and shared
  • How to use working memory, focus, and attention

In the writing portion of the workshop, students learn the key components of an analytical essay and apply their knowledge to the formation and construction of a five-paragraph paper.

In the writing section, your student will learn how to:

  • Craft a strong thesis statement that ultimately acts as a compass for the entire essay
  • Build topic sentences that complement their thesis statement and become the guide for their body paragraphs
  • Find textual evidence to support their argument
  • Introduce such evidence with an appropriate amount of context and a fluid lead-in phrase
  • Provide ample analysis of their selected text quotes and practice this skill with guided individual instruction and constructive feedback
  • Workshops are $395, with a 10% sibling or referral discount
  • Workshops are 4.5 hours: three 1.5-hour sessions
  • Limited to 6 students, online, 10 students in person
  • Can be scheduled conveniently for your student and their friends
  • Parent review email sent after each session
  • Materials, if relevant, are included

This workshop may be privately tutored to your student using your student’s own academic materials.

Thank you so much. Charlie came out of yesterday with two reactions; one was wow, the time went by so fast (!), and two, a sense of faith in himself. He is looking forward to working the rest of the workshop! :-).

I am so happy we did this!

Elizabeth B.
Fairfield, Connecticut