Success in College Program


College is a very exciting time for your student, providing them with independence and a new level of responsibility for themselves and their learning. But success in college is certainly not guaranteed.

Protect your investment!

Sometimes, college students need a little extra support in time management, prioritization, organization, and study skills.

The Success in College program will set up your student for academic success based on consistency, structure, and accountability, from the moment they attend their first class to when they take their finals and hand in their last term paper.

Our proven program offers students a clear path to success, keeping them on track and on task while encouraging and teaching them the skills they need to be independent.

Our Success in College program includes:


  • Weekly same-day and time online meetings with your student for the semester.
  • Post-meeting follow-up emails with to-do lists and reminders to help your student focus and prioritize.
  • Additional weekly check-ins online and/or text/emails as needed.
  • A detailed schedule/planner for the semester, indicating all the major assignment due dates.
  • Skill-building instruction, as needed, in effective study techniques, such as note-taking, test prep, developing paper thesis, etc..
  • Identifying on-campus resources for specific academic support such as writing, math, and professorial office hours.
  • Monitoring of student’s grade book.
  • Weekly updates to parents about what is going on, challenges, and success.

Additional add-on services:

  • Writing
  • Math

By supporting your child – and your investment – our goal is to prevent their stress and burnout while encouraging the development of life skills and habits that will support them beyond college into their careers and life.

Learn how we can make sure your student gets the most out of their college experience.

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