Discover the Benefits of Tutoring in Greenwich, Connecticut

Serving students in Greenwich, Connecticut, and neighboring areas, Successful Study Skills 4 Students, (S4 Study Skills), collaborates with students of all grades and academic abilities.

Our highly experienced team of teachers is passionately committed to delivering exceptional support and guidance, empowering students to thrive in their educational journeys. We have extensive experience tutoring students who attend a wide variety of Greenwich schools

Our highly skilled tutors are dedicated to empowering your child with essential skills, including time management, organization, effective test preparation, proven study strategies, proficient note-taking, and much more.

Most Common Tutoring Needs in Greenwich, CT

Among the Greenwich, Connecticut students we serve, our most requested tutoring services include :

  • Executive functioning and organization skills
  • Study habits and  note-taking techniques
  • Test preparation
  • Academic support and  enrichment
  • Writing strategies
  • Math skills and  problem-solving strategies
  • SAT/ACT preparation

Math Tutoring

Math is a skill-based subject, and our tutors are well-versed in the latest teaching practices. We provide personalized math instruction to meet the needs of each student, with an emphasis on developing problem-solving strategies that will help your child become a more confident learner in math.

Our tutors have experience working with students of all ages and academic backgrounds, and we’re equipped to support students struggling with specific concepts and those ready for the challenge of advanced courses.

ADD/ADHD Tutoring

Students with ADD/ADHD and executive function deficits often struggle with their academic work.

Our experienced teachers specialize in working with these students, providing personalized, strategic, and supportive one-on-one tutoring. We offer comprehensive support in problem-solving, decision-making, deep reading strategies, focusing techniques, and test preparation.

Teaching methods we use include:

  • Time management approaches
  • Breaking tasks into manageable steps
  • Visual aids
  • Interactive activities

Additionally, we offer guidance on enhancing concentration and refining organizational abilities. Our committed teachers foster a nurturing and empowering atmosphere that promotes patience and assistance.

Executive Function Training and Coaching

Our executive function tutoring program teaches time management, organizational skills, and study strategies to help Greenwich, CT students succeed academically.

Executive function includes cognitive abilities like working memory, adaptability, and self-regulation, which are crucial for learning and daily responsibilities.

Challenges in concentration, following instructions, and emotional regulation may indicate difficulties with executive function.

Our coaching sessions prioritize skills such as directed attention, organization, task initiation, perspective-taking, and self-monitoring.

We possess a deep understanding of executive function challenges and strive to assist students in attaining their academic aspirations.

Experience the Convenience of Comprehensive Customized Tutoring in Greenwich, CT

The teacher-tutors at S4 Study Skills understand the demands of modern schedules.

Our in-person and online tutoring services to students in Greenwich, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.

Our remote sessions are engaging and interactive, combining visual aids, multimedia tools, and other digital resources. We prioritize ensuring that our students feel connected and supported, even when not in the same physical space.

How Our Tutoring Works

S4 Study Skills offers personalized tutoring services tailored to your schedule. We provide flexible options, including weekend and daytime sessions, to accommodate your needs and ensure convenience.

Our weekly tutoring sessions are conveniently offered in six-hour packages, each typically lasting one hour. This structure ensures that your student will receive consistent and focused support, promoting skill development and deepening their content knowledge.

Additionally, we provide 15-minute check-ins to supplement our sessions. These check-ins are important for promoting accountability, improving concentration, clarifying tasks and deadlines, and assisting students in efficiently managing their assignments. They also serve to reinforce momentum and create habit.

Take the first step to help your student succeed! Contact S4 Study Skills to learn more about our tutoring services in Greenwich, CT.

We have extensive experience tutoring students in these Greenwich, CT schools.

Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
Central Middle School, Greenwich, CT
Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, CT
Eastern Middle School, Riverside, CT
Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT
Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, CT
Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT
Western Middle School, Greenwich, CT

Start Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Today

Tutoring sessions are offered in six-hour packages, with each session typically lasting 30 minutes twice a week, or one hour a week, depending on your child. This structure ensures that your student receives consistent and focused support, and has the opportunity to build foundational skills.

Don’t wait to give your child the expert support they need to succeed in Greenwich, CT.

Contact us today by email or 203-307-5455 to get started on unlocking your child’s academic potential.

Why Families Should Use
S4 For Students

How S4 Study Skills Improves Student Outcomes

S4 has been so easy to work with, and has provided the BEST tutors to match my son’s personality. Highly recommend.
–Monica Huang, Old Greenwich, CT

My 10th grader was really struggling to keep pace with his honors and AP classes. His ADHD was not helping. Of course, he didn’t want to hear study suggestions from us. Hiring S4 was a game changer. Their expert guidance on executive functions and personalized study strategies were very effective and relieved a lot of household stress.
–Lyndsey R., Greenwich, CT

We saw a remarkable improvement in my child’s understanding of AP Calculus, culminating in a successful exam result. I highly recommend S4 Study Skills to any parent seeking exceptional calc support.
–Cristina B., Cos Cob, CT