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Is Your Student Equipped to Succeed Academically?

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Do you wonder why your very bright child struggles to achieve better grades despite their efforts? Are you concerned that your student can’t seem to focus on their work? Do you worry that they can’t seem to manage their time, assignments, and materials? Is your student losing self-esteem and motivation because they are overwhelmed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our tutoring services can help.

At Successful Study Skills 4 Students, S4 Study Skills, believe that every student deserves an efficient and effective system to complete their work, enhance their performance, and increase their confidence.

Since 2020, we have worked with over 8,000 students, from high-performing to those with ADD/ADHD.

Our goal is to help students – your student – achieve better grades with less stress and more efficiency and effectiveness in their learning process.

One-on-One Tutoring Customized to Your Child’s Exact Needs

Using science-based methodologies, our tutoring services are designed to equip your student with essential learning and studying strategies, along with the tools and techniques necessary to apply these skills across all of their academic subjects.

We focus on fostering good study habits that will benefit your student throughout their educational journey, college years, and into their professional careers.

Through our unparalleled individualized instruction, our tutoring services will teach your student how to:

  • Prioritize, plan, prepare, and organize their workload effectively.
  • Manage their time efficiently and keep a planner to stay on track.
  • Organize and prioritize assignments and materials for easy access.
  • Take comprehensive notes during class lectures and while reading.
  • Initiate and complete projects, papers, and assignments with a sense of focus and adherence to deadlines.
  • Study strategically for tests, midterms, and finals, ensuring optimal retention and performance.
  • Prevent and cope with stress and anxiety, fostering a healthy mindset.

Moreover, we integrate executive functioning strategies into our tutoring sessions, empowering your student to:

  • Set meaningful goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Initiate tasks and complete assignments independently.
  • Maintain focus and sustain attention during their academic endeavors.
  • Develop self-advocacy skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Adapt to changing priorities and adjust their strategies accordingly.
  • Practice self-evaluation to identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhance decision-making skills crucial for academic success.

By putting these critical skills into practice, specifically tailored to your student, we provide a roadmap to success. Your student will not only complete their assignments efficiently but also develop lifelong study habits that will benefit them in school and beyond.

Our Study Skills, Executive Function, and Academic Teachers


All of our teachers at Successful Study Skills 4 Students have master’s degrees in teaching, classroom teaching experience, and subject matter mastery in their chosen field. What makes them special is their unique ability to form a strong rapport with each of their students to motivate and inspire them to a lifelong love of learning.

Our teachers have been trained on our evidence-based system of study skills and executive functions and are experts in teaching students how to apply these skills, tools, and strategies to a student’s specific academic work.

Through our personalized academic tutoring, your student will gain a deeper understanding of their subjects, experience an increase in confidence, and improve their grades. Each individualized tutoring session delivers precisely what your student needs, exactly when they need it.

Each customized tutoring session provides your student with the specific support they require, right when it’s needed.

My high school junior has made huge progress with executive function skills working one-on-one with her tutor. We thought we might sign up for a month or two to learn a good study system, but my daughter requested to continue, saying these sessions are the biggest factor in her success with her course load this year. She is learning to manage her time and she is learning quite a bit about managing her triggers for procrastination. We know the support she is receiving now will help her going forward through high school and college. We are so glad to have signed up for one-on-one executive function tutoring!”

Susan B., New Canaan, CT

How Our One-on-One Tutoring Works

We understand the need for convenience when scheduling tutoring sessions. Our tutoring services are available to accommodate your schedule, including weekends and daytime sessions.

Tutoring sessions are offered in six-hour packages, with each weekly session typically lasting one hour. This structure ensures that your student receives consistent and focused support to make progress in their writing skills.

We also provide 15-minute morning and/or afternoon check-ins between sessions. These check-ins help create accountability, maintain focus, clarify tasks and deadlines, and assist your student in effectively managing their writing assignments.

Don’t wait to give your child the expert support they need to succeed.

Contact us today via email or at 203-307-5455 to get started on unlocking their academic potential.

What Parents Say About Our Tutoring Services

If Your Student Experiences Any of These Challenges, We Can Help

  • Stresses and is anxious before tests and exams
  • Was never taught, and doesn’t know how to study
  • Always did well in school, but suddenly isn’t
  • Studies hard but doesn’t do well on tests
  • Gets inconsistent grades
  • Loosing motivation and self-esteem
  • Spends too much, or too little, time on homework
  • Has homework battles and meltdowns
  • Doesn’t know how to take notes
  • Is disorganized, distracted, and procrastinates
  • Has ADD/ADHD and doesn’t know how or where to focus
  • Needs a structured and systematic approach to studying

What Your Student Will Learn

  • How to take notes when reading and in a lecture/classroom
  • How to understand the difference between high level ideas and supporting details
  • How to clarify and simplify complex information
  • How to plan, organize and manage time
  • How to study and prepare for class and tests
  • How to build on information for understanding and retention
  • How to apply strategies for active reading, listening and retention
  • How to complete assignments and projects on time without cramming
  • Tools to stay attentive in class and stay focused
  • How to study and stay on-task for precision, retention and speed
  • Organization

Support for Test Taking

  • How to study and prepare for tests
  • Prepare study guides, in advance of teachers providing them
  • How to create and use study guides, notes, past quizzes, and tests
  • Test prep essentials and how to remember critical information
  • Time management before and during finals
  • Strategies and pacing during the test
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety pre and post-test taking

Benefits of S4’s Private Tutoring

  • Better grades
  • Improves academic performance
  • Increases motivation, decreases stress
  • Establishes proven learning habits
  • Eliminates parent-child homework battles
  • Prepares for higher learning

Advantages of our Tutoring Services

  • Customized and personalized attention
  • Clear and proven evidence-based methodology
  • Increases subject-specific knowledge, understanding, and retention
  • Improves student work habits
  • On-time and thorough work completion
  • Reduces procrastination

Who Benefits from S4’s Private Tutoring

  • High-performing students who want better efficiency and effectiveness
  • Disorganized, forgetful, and unfocused
  • Poor time management
  • Struggles with workload and confidence
  • Doesn’t know how to study for tests and complete assignments
  • Not engaged in school because of not knowing how to study

Our Private Tutoring Will Give Your Student
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