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Successful Study Skills 4 Students, S4 Study Skills, is a thirteen-year-old tutoring service provider in New Canaan and Darien, Connecticut. We offer exceptional educational support to students of various ages and academic backgrounds and abilities.

With the guidance of highly skilled and experienced tutors, your child will learn essential study skills, tools, and strategies, including time management, organization, test readiness, study techniques, note-taking, and more. Or perhaps they would benefit from academic tutoring in a number of subject areas, from English to math, from science to Spanish.

Popular Tutoring Services in New Canaan and Darien, Connecticut

Students in New Canaan and Darien, Connecticut, can benefit from a range of tutoring services, including:

  • Academic tutoring
  • Study skills and executive function coaching
  • Organizational skills
  • Test preparation and note-taking
  • Math tutoring from elementary through Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics and Trigonometry
  • Science, including physics, biology, chemistry, and environmental
  • Writing support
  • Guidance for college admissions essay writing
  • SAT/ACT preparation

For elementary school students in New Canaan and Darien, we provide focused tutoring in:

  • Building math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Improving reading and writing abilities
  • Strengthening grammar, vocabulary, and spelling

No matter the academic level, S4 Study Skills is committed to delivering tailored tutoring services that empower students to succeed academically.

Math Tutoring Services

Our math tutoring program is designed to cater to students of all proficiency levels, from elementary to high school.

No matter where your child stands in their math journey – whether they find it challenging, excel in it, or fall somewhere in between – our all-encompassing program offers the essential support they need.

Math-related anxiety and dyscalculia can impede a student’s progress in mathematics. We recognize the impact of these obstacles and offer practical strategies to empower students to overcome them.

Knowing that each student has a unique learning style,  our program is individually tailored to maximize their success. Our tutors, who are experienced math teachers and are fluent in the educational requirements and curriculums of each grade, prioritize comprehension of the subject matter over rote memorization of equations and formulas.

Our math teachers use an evidence-based approach to engage students in problem-solving and foster active involvement with mathematical principles. This methodology cultivates exceptional problem-solving abilities, conceptual understanding, and numerical proficiency.

We strive to instill a love for math in students and bolster their confidence in tackling challenging problems. We create an optimal learning environment that aligns with each student’s academic goals through personalized instruction and customized lessons.

Our primary objective is to enhance your student’s mathematical abilities and ignite a passion for the subject, regardless of their current skill level.

Tutoring for ADD/ADHD

To support these students, providing academic assistance and personalized teaching tools can be highly beneficial. Establishing a consistent structure and setting clear expectations can help students stay organized and focused. Individual tutoring sessions provide the necessary one-on-one attention.

At S4 Study Skills, we offer a range of tools and strategies to help students with ADD/ADHD excel academically. Our coaches use cognitive training exercises to strengthen essential academic skills like working memory and focus. Our approach emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills rather than relying on memorization, which fosters more meaningful learning that can be applied in various contexts.

We collaborate with students to break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps, making it easier for them to comprehend and complete. This approach aims to reduce the cognitive load often associated with ADD/ADHD, enabling students to learn comfortably at their own pace.

Our teaching methods encompass such tools as:

  • Visual aids
  • Interactive activities
  • Concentration techniques
  • Strategies to overcome procrastination
  • Breaking tasks into smaller chunks

Attaining academic success necessitates diligence, commitment, and the cultivation of effective study habits. Our assistance offers comprehensive guidance and a meticulously crafted, evidence-based plan for long-term academic achievement.

Executive Function Coaching

Our specialized coaching program is designed to enhance executive function skills, equipping students in New Canaan and Darien, CT with effective time management, organizational strategies, and study techniques. By honing these abilities, students can significantly improve their academic performance and overall efficiency.

Executive function encompasses a range of cognitive capacities, including working memory, adaptability, and self-control. These critical skills play a pivotal role in learning, productivity, and the effective management of daily tasks.

Challenges related to concentration, following instructions, and emotional regulation may be indicative of difficulties with executive function. Our program specifically addresses these areas to promote growth and academic success.

During our tutoring sessions, we place strong emphasis on the development of a diverse set of skills, including:

  1. Purposeful concentration
  2. Efficient organization, strategizing, and priority-setting
  3. Initiating tasks and maintaining focus until completion
  4. Grasping various perspectives
  5. Self-monitoring and progress tracking

Recognizing that some students may face challenges due to limited executive function, our goal is to empower them with the essential skills necessary to achieve their academic aspirations.

How Our Tutoring Works

At S4 Study Skills, our New Canaan and Darien, CT tutoring services are tailored to fit your schedule. We offer flexible options, including weekend and daytime sessions, to accommodate your needs.

Our tutoring sessions are available in convenient six-hour packages, with each weekly session lasting approximately one hour. This well-structured approach ensures that your student receives consistent and focused support, fostering skill development and deepening their understanding of the subject matter.

In addition, we provide 15-minute check-ins between sessions. These check-ins are crucial in promoting accountability, improving concentration, clarifying tasks and deadlines, and helping students effectively manage their assignments.

Reach out to us today to explore how we can assist your child in achieving their academic goals.

We tutor students in the following schools:

Darien Schools

  • Darien High School
  • Middlesex Middle School

New Canaan Schools

  • St. Luke’s School
  • New Canaan High School
  • Saxe Middle School

Stamford Schools

  • King School
  • Westhill High School

Wilton Schools

  • Wilton High School
  • Middlebrook Middle School

Start Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Today

Tutoring sessions are offered in six-hour packages, with each session typically lasting 30 minutes twice a week, or one hour a week, depending on your child. This structure ensures that your student receives consistent and focused support, and has the opportunity to build foundational skills.

Don’t wait to give your child the expert support they need to succeed in elementary school.

Contact us today by email or 203-307-5455 to get started on unlocking your child’s academic potential.

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How S4 Study Skills Improves Student Outcomes

We’ve had a very positive experience with S4 Study Skills. The organization is well run and we had an amazing tutor for our child. Our student is now able to complete schoolwork well and in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend S4.

Susan Daly, Darien

My high school junior has made huge progress with executive function skills working one-on-one with her tutor. We thought we might sign up for a month or two to learn a good study system, but my daughter requested to continue, saying these sessions are the biggest factor in her success with her course load this year. She is learning to manage her time and she is learning quite a bit about managing her triggers for procrastination. We know the support she is receiving now will help her going forward through high school and college. We are so glad to have signed up for one-on-one executive function tutoring!

Susan Brill, New Canaan, CT