The Essential Study Skills and Executive Function WorkshopThe Essential Study Skills & Executive Function Workshop: Empowering Middle & High School Students

Is your child entering middle school? Or high school? Did your child struggle to manage their workload, stay focused, or feel confident during tests this past academic year? Is your child disorganized? Do they know how to study and use executive functions? Does your child need help to improve reading comprehension and information retention? If you answered no to any of these questions, they will benefit from our evidence-based Essential Study Skills & Executive Function Workshop.

Led by certified educators, since 2010 our study skills workshop has equipped students with practical evidence-based strategies for success.

Research shows that strong study skills and executive function  development lead to:

  • Improved grades
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased motivation and confidence
  • Deeper comprehension and retention
  • A lifelong love of learning

In our Essential Study Skills and Executive Function workshop, your child will learn specific, age-appropriate strategies for:

  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Note-taking
  • Active Reading
  • Organization
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Information retention

“This workshop was a game-changer for my son. He learned practical skills for managing his time and workload, and his grades have improved significantly. He feels much more confident about school now.” – Sarah M., Parent of a 9th Grader, Darien, CT

Why Your Child Should Take This Workshop:

1. Master Essential Skills
2. Boost Confidence and Motivation
3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety
4. Reduce Procrastination and Meet Deadlines
5. Become An Independent Learner
6. Prepare For Success – Now and Later

Your Child Needs This Workshop If They:

  • Want to improve their grades and academic performance?
  • Struggle with time management, organization, or staying focused, including difficulty focusing, prioritizing, and/or meeting deadlines
  • Feel overwhelmed by schoolwork or test anxiety.
  • Want to develop effective study habits and become a more independent learner.
  • Need strategies to improve their reading comprehension and information retention.

“My daughter used to struggle with focusing and staying organized. This workshop equipped her with tools and strategies that have made a big difference. She’s more motivated and feels empowered to take control of her learning.” – John L., Parent of an 8th Grader, Armonk, NY

By the End of the Workshop, Child Will Have:

  • A toolbox of practical strategies for essential study skills and executive function development.
  • Increased confidence in their ability to manage their workload and tackle academic challenges.
  • Improved time management and organizational skills for greater efficiency and reduced stress.
  • Effective test-taking strategies to approach exams with focus and improve results.
  • Techniques for active learning and engagement.
  • A foundation for lifelong learning and success in school and beyond.

Please see our FAQs for the Essential Study Skills & Executive Function Workshop below.

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  • 4.5-hour Workshops are $395
  • 10% sibling or referral credit
  • Online classes limited to 8
  • In-person classes limited to 15
  • Parent review email sent after each session
  • In-class and at-home study materials included

Unless marked “Exclusive,” workshops are open to all students.

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In three 90-minute sessions, students will learn evidence-based easy-to-implement strategies and systems to be active, engaged, and successful in school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this study skills workshop for?

This workshop is designed for middle and high school students who want to improve their academic performance.

Is there a separate workshop for middle and high school students?

The core curriculum covers essential skills valuable for both age groups. However, specific examples are tailored to address the learning stages of both middle school and high school students.

What are some signs my child would benefit from this workshop?

  • Does your child struggle with managing their workload or staying focused?
  • Do they have difficulty prioritizing tasks or meeting deadlines?
  • Does your child feel overwhelmed by schoolwork or test anxiety?
  • Would they like to develop better study habits and become more independent learners?
  • Does your child need help improving reading comprehension and information retention?

My child has ADHD. Is this workshop appropriate for them?

Absolutely! This workshop specifically addresses challenges that students with ADHD often face, such as time management, organization, focus, and test anxiety. The workshop equips students with practical strategies to improve these areas.

Here’s how this workshop will benefit students with ADHD:

  • Structured Approach: The workshop provides a structured learning environment that can be helpful for students with ADHD.
  • Executive Function Skills: The workshop directly addresses core executive function skills that students with ADHD might struggle with, like planning, organization, and time management.
  • Active Learning: The workshop uses engaging activities and practical exercises to help students learn and retain the information.
  • Study Skills: Students will gain valuable study skills like active reading, note-taking techniques, and effective test-taking strategies.
  • Confidence Boost: Mastering these skills can lead to a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence in their academic abilities.

My student is an excellent student. Will they benefit from this workshop?

Even excellent students can benefit from this workshop in several ways:

  • Sharpen Existing Skills: The workshop can solidify and refine existing study skills, making them even more effective.
  • Develop Advanced Techniques: Students can learn new strategies for tackling more challenging academic content as they progress through middle or high school.
  • Time Management & Organization: Excellent time management and organization skills are crucial for maintaining academic success, especially with a heavier workload or extracurricular activities. The workshop can help refine these skills and prepare them for future challenges.
  • Test-Taking Strategies: Even strong students can benefit from learning effective test-taking strategies to manage test anxiety, improve focus under pressure, and maximize their score potential.
  • Goal Setting & Motivation: The workshop can help students develop a growth mindset and set ambitious yet achievable goals to push their academic boundaries and stay motivated.

This workshop can provide excellent students with the tools and strategies to not only maintain their academic performance but also excel and reach their full potential.

Check out our FAQ page for even more information


What Parents and Students Say About The Essential Study Skills Workshop

“Congratulations!! Morgan came home a different person. He truly felt like a student. He said, and I quote, “I can’t wait to go back to school!” I can’t make this up. Great stuff.”
Lynn Moore, Fairfield Ludlowe High School mother

“This is the best thing I learned since kindergarten.”
Ryan P., Scotts Ridge Middle School, Ridgefield student

My son was staying up till all hours with his homework before he took your workshop. Now he is truly working smarter, not harder, and getting the best grades he’s ever received.”
Kim D., Greens Farms Academy, Westport mother

“I wanted my daughter to learn better test-taking skills, and that’s exactly what she learned.”
Danielle G., Greenwich High School mother

“I’m so glad Chris took this class to help ease his transition from elementary to middle school. He will definitely take a refresher before entering high school.”
Christine M., Rye Middle School mother

“This is exactly the class I needed to help me organize, plan, and manage my workload, especially with my extracurricular activities and service work.”
Quinn P., Bronxville High School student

“I wanted to let you know about my high school daughter’s experience in your workshop. She is, and has always been, a straight-A high honors student. Despite those “stats”, she found your class really good and helpful. The next day she used the note-taking technique she learned in S4, and it made note-taking in class easier. It also re-energized her for school. S4 is for every student, those struggling to honor students, and everyone in between. Just because a student gets good grades doesn’t mean they know how to study and get the most out of class.”
Ann Green, Fairfield, CT