Essential Study Skills / EF Workshop

Workshops and Tutoring Services for Essential Study Skills & Life Skills

In our evidence-based Middle School and High School Essential Study Skills workshops and tutoring services, students learn logical, practical, and step-by-step study skills, including organizing, taking notes, managing time, preparing for tests, and using executive functioning strategies.

These are essential and foundational skills, not only for school but for life.

In our Study Skills/Executive Function workshop, your student will learn to:

  • Set goals
  • Plan, organize, and manage time
  • Use and apply executive functions
  • Take notes when reading and listening
  • Prepare study guides, in advance for teachers providing them
  • Complete assignments and projects on time without cramming
  • Study for long-term retention, and prepare for class, tests, and finals
  • Apply strategies for active reading and listening
  • Focus and maintain attention
  • Self-advocate and problem solve
  • Prioritize
  • How to study to stay on-task and on-track
  • Feel confident in their abilities
  • Prevent and reduce stress and anxiety

study-skills-executive-function-workshop-for high-school-students

Your student should take this workshop if they:

  • Want better grades
  • Want to study with greater ease and efficiency
  • Would benefit from time management and executive functioning
  • Need organization skills
  • Want to reduce stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • Want to become an independent learner
  • Need organizational and study skills
  • Would benefit from these essential life skills

Workshops and tutoring services are offered both online and in-person, as specified below.

The Summer 2023 Schedule is Here!
Online and in-person for Middle School and High School Students:

Tue, Wed, Thu, Aug 15, 16, 17, 2023
Tue, Wed, Thu, Aug 22, 23, 24, 2023
Tue, Wed, Thu, Aug 29, 30, 31, 2023

In-person Middle School and High School workshop:

Tue, Wed, Thu, Aug 22, 23, 24, 2023

The Depot Youth Center
25 Heights Road
Darien, CT 06820-4120

Check out all of our workshop date and time options here.

  • Workshops are $395, with a 10% sibling or referral discount
  • Workshops are 4.5 hours: three 1.5-hour sessions
  • Limited to 6 students online, 15 students in person
  • Can be scheduled conveniently for your student and 4 of their friends
  • Parent review email sent after each session
  • Post-session templates and resources included

This workshop may be privately tutored to your child using their own academic materials.

Why are Study Skills So Important

What High School Students Say About Us

What Middle School Students Say About Us

Don’t want to wait for a scheduled Study Skills Workshop?

Coordinate a workshop for your student and their friends on your time!

We make it easy!

All you need to do is determine where and when you would like us to host the three 1.5-hour workshop sessions (total of 4.5 hours), and we will do the rest!

(Minimum number of 4 students.)

Call or email us to learn more: 203-307-5455,

So I just had him recap for me his thoughts on both workshops. He said they were both good and helpful and he is sure he will utilize a lot of the strategies taught in each class.  I asked which class was better or which was more helpful and he said both were great. He then went on to say (unprompted) how great the teachers were. They were young and relatable and kept the classes moving. He said the study skills teacher used examples from Marvel Avengers and the reading/ writing teacher used major league baseball teams in examples of essay writing strategies which he thought made everything more enjoyable than the way his school teacher teach.

I can tell that he feels much more prepared and confident heading to high school with these tools in his tool chest.


❤️ Sasha S.
Armonk, New York