No-Cost Parent Seminars/Webinars, Fairfield-Country-CT, Westchester, NY, online

No-Cost Parent Seminars/Webinars Programs

Webinars & Seminars for Parents of Elementary, Middle & High School Students

Our highly dynamic, action-specific, and interactive no-cost parent seminars/webinars provide easy-to-implement best practices, tools, and strategies for how they can support their students at home.

Ample time for questions and answers is provided.

Over 173 schools, parent-teacher associations, (PTA/PTO/HSA), teen centers, libraries, and other non-profit organizations, have hosted our no-cost parent seminars/webinars.

Webinars: :30-minutes

  • Motivating the Unmotivated Student
    In an action-specific, and interactive webinar, parents are invited to learn a few tips, tools, and strategies to motivate, inspire, and support their students.
  • 8 Ways to Support Your Student in the New Learning Environment
    In this highly dynamic, action-specific, and interactive seminar, parents are invited to learn best-practice, tools, and strategies to support their student’s study practice
  • 5 Ways to Transition Your Student Back to School
    Parents will learn how to transition their students back to school after summer, or an extended break.
  • 5 Ways to Fight Learning Loss
    Parents will learn best practices, tools, and strategies to support their students over the summer, to minimize learning loss, and the dreaded summer slide, so they can be ready for school in the fall.

educational-parent-webinars-private-tutoring-Westchester-NY-Fairfield-County-NY-online-worldwideIn-Person Seminars: 1-hour

  • 7 Ways to Support Your Student’s Study Practice Without Losing Your Mind
    During this powerful one-hour presentation, parents will learn how to support their students with seven tools and concrete ideas that can be implemented right away for better results and grades.
  • 7 Ways to End Homework Battles
    Parents will learn how to motivate their students and end the homework power struggle.

Collaborative Parent Seminars

  • Essential Steps to Get Your 9th and 10th Grader School and
    College-Admissions Ready

    Parents will learn the important steps freshman and sophomores should take for a successful path to college. Presented in collaboration with Collegewise.

Contact us to find out more about how to offer these valuable programs to your school and community: 203-307-5455 or email us.

This was extremely helpful. Thank you! Thank you for giving me permission to not have to do it all myself!

Amanda P.,
Roslyn, Long Island, New York

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