How Pilgrims Used Executive Functions to Plan Their Feast

Right now, you might be thinking about how the Pilgrims were able to put together such amazing and detailed feasts without all the technology we have today, especially when it seems like your own kids are struggling to turn in their homework even after spending a lot of time on it.

Well, it turns out that the Pilgrims were really good at using their executive function skills to make their feasts happen! Let’s take a closer look at how the Pilgrims used executive function back in the day and how it can help your child today.

Executive Function: Like a Super Smart Conductor for Your Brain

Executive function is like having a super smart conductor in your brain, directing and managing important tasks such as planning, organizing, paying attention, and starting tasks. It’s like the Pilgrims had an invisible, super-efficient helper making sure everything in their minds was running smoothly!

Pilgrims: Early Pros at Throwing Big Feasts

Getting Ready and Making Plans

The Pilgrims were really good at planning and organizing, which helped them throw incredible feasts. They were careful about choosing what they needed and making sure everyone had a job to do, which made their big meals a success.

Keeping Track of Time

They were also masters at managing their time, making sure each dish was cooked to perfection. This skill was crucial to pulling off their impressive celebrations!

How to Help Your Kids Develop These Skills

Want to help your kids learn these awesome skills? Here’s how:

Stick to a Routine

Having a regular schedule helps teach time management and organization, building strong executive function skills.

Encourage Thinking Games

Games that make you think, remember things, and focus can really help train your brain. It’s like a workout but for your mind!

Be Supportive

Being there for your kids, and offering help and encouragement, can make a big difference in helping them develop the skills they need to overcome challenges.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the Pilgrim spirit and help your kids become brainpower superstars! By building their executive function skills, they’ll be set for success in school and in life.

Remember, it’s like putting together a big feast—it takes careful planning, good time management, and a bit of creativity and fun!


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How Pilgrims Used Executive Function to Plan Their Feast