Should You Get Your Child Math Tutor This Summer?

math tutoringPicture this: The school year is coming to a close, and your child is seated at the kitchen table, their brow furrowed in frustration as they stare at their summer math homework. Despite their best efforts, those algebraic equations seem more like hieroglyphics than solvable problems. As a parent, you can’t help but feel a pang of concern. Is this struggle just a passing phase, or is it a sign of deeper issues? Should you consider getting them a math tutor this summer?

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Is Your Child Struggling in Math?

If your child’s grades in math took a nosedive last semester, or if they didn’t perform to their potential this year, it’s natural to worry. But before you chalk it up to a lack of effort or intelligence, consider other factors at play. Many students struggle in math for various reasons, ranging from learning differences like ADHD to gaps in foundational knowledge. Addressing these issues early on can make a world of difference in your child’s academic journey – especially as they enter a new grade this fall.

Will Your Child be in an Advanced Math Class This Fall?

If your child has been staying on target in math, or even excelling, they could be heading into challenging new territory next year. Even strong math students may be intimidated by moving into subjects like pre-calculus or calculus. Summer help can be a great way to preview the new concepts they will be encountering in the fall. This can help keep your child succeeding in math even as they start to encounter more abstract concepts.

Summer Learning Goals

Do you want to prevent the dreaded “summer slide” and ensure that your child hits the ground running when school resumes this fall? The “summer slide” refers to academic skills that are lost over the summer break when the focus shifts from school to fun. Investing in math tutoring over the summer can help your student maintain their skills and even get a head start on next year’s material. By previewing upcoming topics, your child will be ahead of the curve and ready to excel in the classroom.

The Anxiety of the Unknown

Although school is still in session, for a moment, think ahead to August when the start of school is just weeks away. You know your child: will they feel a sense of dread at the thought of tackling new math concepts? Anxiety about the unknown curriculum can weigh heavily on students, causing them to lose confidence in their abilities. Summer math support can help alleviate these fears by providing an environment where your child can explore and gain an understanding of challenging mathematical concepts before the stress of a new math class. The summer is a perfect opportunity to reinforce last year’s concepts, filling in any gaps, while getting a headstart on the year to come.

Building a Strong Foundation

They say that a house is only as sturdy as its foundation, and the same principle applies to math education. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress high school math readiness has seen steep declines across the nation. Your child is not alone in facing gaps in their math knowledge. Whether your child is struggling with basic arithmetic or grappling with complex calculus concepts, a math tutor can help shore up any weak spots in their mathematical foundation. By addressing fundamental skills, your child will be better equipped to tackle more advanced topics with confidence.

Review, Master, Practice

Summer break may be a time for relaxation, but it’s also an opportunity for academic growth. During the summer, your child can review past material, master challenging concepts, and practice their math skills to shore up weaknesses and prepare for the upcoming year. This targeted approach ensures that they enter the new school year feeling prepared and confident in their abilities.

Your Child’s Attitude Toward Math

Perhaps most importantly, consider your child’s attitude toward math. Do they view it as a source of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and/or stress, or do they approach it with curiosity and confidence? Reshaping your child’s relationship with math, turning apprehension into enthusiasm and frustration into mastery, is a great way to increase grades in math subjects from geometry to calculus.

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You Have Options

Once you’ve decided to get your child summer math help you have a variety of options to choose from. Let’s look over some together.

Summer School

Many schools provide summer school options. This can be a choice for your child to reinforce or preview math topics. School-provided summer school is often at a low rate and is in a familiar environment for your child. However, summer school courses move at the pace of the class and are not tailored to individual students and their needs.

Online Courses

The internet provides a wealth of resources on all topics. There are many courses your student can take on platforms like Coursera or Udemy. These options are very convenient but work better for self-motivated students. In the online class format there is no accountability for completing work. Whether you want to spend the summer supervising an online course is something to consider.

Get a 1:1 Math Tutor

A personal summer math tutor has a variety of advantages. They offer personalized attention and can accurately assess where your student might have gaps and work to fill them. Your child can also speak with them directly about areas where they might be confused. The tutor can also use a variety of techniques to find what works best for your child.

Math is often an intimidating scary subject. This summer can be the perfect time for your child to face their fears. Whether they are moving into more advanced math and want a head start or need to fill in gaps, getting summer math help is a great answer.


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Should You Get Your Child a Math Tutor This Summer?
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