Transitioning to High School: What (YOU?) A Parent Needs to Know

For Some Students, Transitioning to High School is Very Stressful. For Others, It’s an Exciting Time. Regardless, High School is The Major League. It Really Counts Now.

Transition to High School, Transition to High School

Transitioning to high school changes the stakes for a student. What worked in middle school is not enough to help your student achieve peak performance in high school. And peak performance is critical, because these are the years that determine your student’s options for admission to a competitive college or university.

In a word, high school is not so easy. The intensity and volume of academic work is dramatically different from the middle school years. So are the expectations and evaluation metrics of teachers. It isn’t enough just to complete homework and hand it in. Answers to tests are no longer black and white; critical thinking skills and the ability to apply the learning beyond the scope of the material are required to keep up. In short, transitioning to high school is hard, and it’s an adjustment.

As important, your student must face the realities of going from the top of the social hierarchy – achieved as an 8th grader in middle school, to the bottom. He or she must have the confidence and skills to get in the game, and play full-out. Achieving academically is critical, but broadening and diversifying his or her social network is also important, as is involving oneself with new extracurricular activities – elements that college admissions officers look for as an important indication of a student’s interest and motivation.

As a result, transitioning to high school requires a new skill set to manage the increased work-load, and the extra-curricular and social activities. There are several critical skills all high school students need in order to navigate the high school landscape successfully:

  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Using Planners
  • Active Learning
  • Taking Responsibility

Very often we meet students who might have had great academic success in middle school and got good grades. Once in high school, however, these same student became overwhelmed, stressed, and received less than desired grades. This free ebook will support students – and their parents – to make the most of these critical years.

Read more about what you can do to ease your student’s transition into high school, download our free ebook now.

Transitioning to High School, Trainsition to High School

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